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Drag'N Fly Platform Trailer EPOC
(2) 3.9mm and 5.9mm LED Screens
Multiple 5.9mm LED Screens
(2) 19.7'w x 21.32'h 5.9mm LED screens
(2) 23'w x 39.5'h 5.9mm LED screens
39.4' W x 21.32' h 5.9mm LED Screen
Multiple 5.9mm LED Columns
imag2.6 Senate Debate 2016
5.9mm LED Floor
SeeFactor GITS 3.9mm
DragN Fly Trailer Lime Rock
60ft x 10ft 2.6mm LED Wall
Macy's 4th of July 2018
5mm Columns with Projection
7mm LED Video Wall SuperBowl 2014
10mm Video Wall Moonrise Festival
Trailer Philly
Super Bowl LII Mesh LED Screen
Lime Rock Weather Tech Championship
Drag'N Fly at the Oculus
Mobile LED Wall World Cup 2014
 5mm LED Video Wall Monoliths 2014
10mm Curving LED Video Wall
5mm Columns
5mm Indoor LED Video Wall
Ben Franklin Pkwy July 4th
5mm LED Video Wall Navy League 2014
10mm LED Video Wall Ground Stacked
Mobile LED Video Wall July 4th 2014
digiLED Toura6 Yonkers Fashion Show
Mobile Sprinter DigiFest 2015
7mm Video Wall Rental Flown
5mm and 7mm LED Video Screens
10mm LED Video Screen DKNY 2014
Wintergalactic Dada Life 2014
Red Bull Global Rally Cross
FireFly Mobile Sprinter Boston
Mobile LED Video Screen
Roots Picnic Toura6.jpg
Mobile LED Screen Rental Maine 2014
Pier 26 City Swim
Grayscale display
Rally For America Stephen Colbert
Martin Luther King Grayscale
15mm LED Screen Porter Robinson 2014
Columbia University Graduation
6 ABC WPVI - Band Show
Mann Music Center Disney Pixar
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