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Drag'N Fly Platform Trailer

The Drag’N Fly Platform Trailer boasts a design that is sleek, low-profile, and has a smaller footprint than competing screen trucks.  Equipped with a 23’ Wide x 13’ Tall 5.9mm LED screen that is daylight viewable.  Rent one today for your next outdoor event.

Drag'N Fly Mobile LED Specifications:

  • 25 KW "On Board Quiet Power"

  • 5mm Pixel Pitch Resolution

  • 5500 Nits High Brightness

  • Rotating Mast, 360 degrees

  • Input: HDMI, SDI, PC, Video

  • Screen Size:  23' wide x 13' tall

  • 29.5' High at the top, 14' from the ground

Drag'N Fly Physical Specifications:

  • 25' Total Length Nose to Tail

  • 8' width (14' with stabilizers deployed)

  • 13' 6" height while in transit

  • 14,750 lbs. Gross Weight

  • Chevy 2500HD Tow Vehicle

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