digiLED DLPo 5.9mm Outdoor LED Rental

A versatile multi-use LED panel manufactured using Polymer Nanotechnology.  Weighing in at just over 12 lbs. per panel, they are light-weight enough to hang in any rigging situation.  This ingenious LED solution is also durable enough to be used as a dance floor both indoors and outside.

Multiple 5.9mm LED Screens
39.4' W x 21.32' h 5.9mm LED Screen
(2) 19.7'w x 21.32'h 5.9mm LED screens
digiLED DLP 5.9mm LED Panels
Multiple 5.9mm LED Columns
(2) 23'w x 39.5'h 5.9mm LED screens
23' Wide x 40' High 5.9mm LED Walls
Curved LED Wall into LED Floor
DLP 5.95mm Floor
Liberty Medal 2016
digiLED DLPo 5.9mm LED Walls
digiLED DLPo 5.9mm LED Stage
5.95mm AC Beach Concert