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digiLED DLPi 3.9mm Indoor LED Rental

A versatile multi-use LED panel manufactured using Polymer Nanotechnology.  Weighing in at just over 12 lbs. per panel, they are light-weight enough to hang in any rigging situation.  

40' Wide x 15' High 3.9mm LED Wall
69' Wide x 13' High 3.9mm LED Wall
3) 50' x 12' 3.9mm LED Walls with Projection Surround
49' Wide x 18' High 3.9mm LED Wall
digiLED DLPi 3.9mm 20' W x 12' H
3.9mm for Broadcast of the NJ Gubernatorial Debate 2017
34.5' x 8.2' 3.9mm LED Wall
40' Wide x 10' High Ground Stacked 3.9mm LED Wall
34.5' x 9.8' 3.9mm LED Wall
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